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Vertical Awnings

Vertical Awnings can be used for a range of different applications from providing shelter from a summer breeze whilst sitting on your patio or protecting the inside of your property from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Vertical Awnings can come with a simple weighted bottom bar, others can have side channels or wire rope guides. Vertical Awnings can now be manufactured with a revolutionary ZIP system that keeps the fabric within the side guides and stops the fabric flapping around when there is a sudden gust of wind.

Vertical Awnings are ideal for keeping the inside of office buildings cool, they can also help drastically reduce utility bills as you will not need to rely on your air conditioning as much in the summer or your heating in the winter months.

Vertical Awnings can be operated by a removable winding handle or an electric motor can be installed to enable effortless use from the comfort of your chair.

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