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Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awnings are very popular with the retail and leisure sector: café, restaurants, pubs, bars, clubs and shops. A retractable awning can provide a sheltered area to sit under outside it is also good at protecting goods from being damaged by the sun or the inside of buildings becoming too warm.

Retractable Awnings are available without a cassette, where the arms and fabric are open to the environment at all times whether in the open or closed position, semi-cassette Retractable Awnings ensure the fabric is protected whilst the awning is closed, the arms can still be seen on this type of awning. If looks and aesthetics are paramount then a full cassette Retractable Awning is the best solution, both the fabric and arms retract away into a neat cassette.

There are different types of installation available for Retractable Awnings, are square bar is available on some models, the square bar requires several brackets to fix it to the wall, the wider the awning the more brackets are required. End fixed awnings are great for when the installation is over a large glazed area as fixing brackets are only required at each end of the Retractable Awnings.

Retractable Awnings can be manually operated by a crank handle or they can be electric operation. Electrically operated Retractable Awnings are normally controlled by a Remote Hand Transmitter, several automatic and safety sensors are available for the electric Retractable Awnings, these include wind sensors, sun and wind sensors, vibration sensors, sun only sensors and rain sensors.

Sign writing is a common occurrence on Retractable Awnings, this can be applied onto the main cover or the valance at the front end of the awnings, it doesn’t matter whether you require a simple telephone number or email address to a more elaborate corporate logo, all your requirements can be achieved.

We have access to a range of different awnings from manufactures from all over Europe: Weinor (Germany), Brustor (Belgium) and Gibus (Italy). We also manufacture our own range of awnings here in the United Kingdom under the Lakeland brand.

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