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Roller Shutters

AMO Security has been manufacturing and installing all types of roller shutters throughout the UK since 1989. Roller Shutters are available from AMO Group in a range of materials and finishes.

Aluminium Roller Shutter are very popular for small windows on office blocks and modular buildings, their lightweight and small box size ensure that this type of Roller Shutter fits in with the aesthetics of every building. Aluminium Roller Shutters are also suited for internal applications on reception desks and hotel or club bar areas. Our Aluminium Roller Shutters are available with a polyurethane core for added heat and sound insulation, double skinned extrusions for when additional security is required and perforated or punched to allow for increased light and ventilation.

Galvanised Steel Roller Shutters are the most popular type of Roller Shutters; they are strong and most cost effective choice. Probably the most commonly used Roller Shutter today, they provide a high level of security and are predominantly used externally to protect windows and entrances to retail, commercial and industrial premises. Where planning regulations are at a low level and visibility and ventilation are not an issue, a Solid Steel Curtain would be the obvious choice. Perforated and Punched Steel Curtains provide an alternative option whilst still offering protection. Insulated Roller Shutters are also available to ensure the heat loss in a Warehouse or Factory is kept to a minimum.

A high level of security can be guaranteed with one of our approved roller shutters being installed, these are available from LPCB Level 1 to Level 4.

Transparent Roller Shutters are gaining in popularity due to the increase visibility they provide with security being unaffected. Tube and Link or Portcullis Curtains are also popular due to the amount of ventilation and visibility they provide, especially on car parks and in shopping centres.

Due to the majority of Roller Shutters being large and heavy, electric operation is the preferred method of operation. This can be achieved in a number of ways, the most popular method being the Tube Motor. The tube motor will only require a standard 240v supply and is okay to be operated several times a day, should the roller shutter be needed to be operated more frequently then we recommend the use of a three phase motor. Three phase motors are available as Direct Drive, Flange Mount or Chain Driven. Should electric not be available then we can install a manually operated Roller Shutter Door, this could be a simple push up, pull down roller shutter balance with a spring or it could be chain or gearbox operated with a haul chain or winding handle.

All our Roller Shutters comply with the latest European Directives and are installed with the relevant safety devices (Safety Brakes, Manual Override Facility and Safety Edges when required). Controlling the electric Roller Shutters can be from a simple rocker switch, key switch, remote control, digital key pad or even proximity sensors.

Your new roller shutter can be supplied in a plain finish or it can be colour coordinated with its surroundings, this can be achieved by applying a polyester powder coated finish to the roller shutter, most colour are available from the RAL or BS4800 colour charts. A plastisol steel curtain can also be chosen to complement the steel cladding used on the external facades of modern industrial buildings and factories.

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